21 was an exceptional year.

This time last year, I could not drive, I did not have a law degree and I was afraid of love. Today, I drive (horribly), I am on my way to becoming a legal practitioner and I have risen in love, in the most spectacular way. In the year that has passed I have learnt deep lessons of surrender and open hands. 21 taught me, showed me, the abundance that is mine in life. 21 was proof that there is no scarcity of good things coming my way and I am convinced that 22 will bring an even deeper overflow of abundance over my life.

About two months ago, I started law school in another city and I have not been having the best time adjusting. The school gave us a one week break that I planned to enjoy to the fullest of my ability. On the second day of the break, I came down with a horrible bout of tonsillitis that knocked me down and made me so incredibly sad. I was so upset, not even about my health but about all my plans being dashed. I had meticulously planned a birthday party and made so many cute ideas in my head that were now scattered because of this illness. I even wanted to cancel the party and just sulk like a baby for the whole day but shout out to my friend Ahunna. Friends like Ahunna look after your happiness like it is their own. They tend to it, water it and keep it alive for you, even on the days you’re tired. On this birthday, I am incredibly grateful for friends like Ahu. For this wonderful garden of love that is my friends and family. For my lover that carries me with a softness so profound, it often stuns me into silence. For My Creator that has promised me an eternal love, with light on my head and joy in my heart. So deeply rooted in love that lifts me up and makes my heart sing. That, is everything.

It is my fervent hope that in this twenty second year, I loosen my grip on control. I keep saying this and I hope one day I become better at it. I need to realise that I cannot plan life down to every second, and I must not waste my time doing so. Yesterday for my party, the person supposed to do my hair and make-up cancelled on me last minute and I was distraught. That minor mishap sent me off into an anxious spiral with so much anger and anxiety. One small thing did not go according to my meticulous plan and it felt like the world was coming to an end. At the end of the day, I looked beautiful and had the best time ever. This year, I must learn that even when things do not go according to my plan, I should breathe and believe that things will figure themselves out. And they often do. This worry-wart lifestyle is not for me and I embrace surrender and peace in place of anxiety and worry.

‘I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax themselves with the forethought of grief. I come into the stillness of water’ ‘Wild Things by Wendell Berry

I deserve tranquillity in my life. I will be intentional about safeguarding the peace of my mind by refusing to worry about every little thing. Time and time again, things have resolved themselves to my favour, regardless of my worry. I rest in the assurance that things will always work well for me. I open my hands to receive good and beautiful things, in every season. I am worthy of the life I dream for myself. All will be well.

So here is to twenty two. A double abundance. A deepening of joy and peace. An overflow of goodness. This is my destiny. This light is here to stay.

Happy birthday Mofiyinfoluwa. I love you with everything. There is nothing you cannot do.

We will always have words 🤍

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